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When Poverty Mattered:
Then and Now
by Paul Weinberg


Poverty was big news in the mid-sixties when Canadians realized the post-war boom had left out many citizens in their own country. Young people at that time attempted to solve the problem by building a more just society through community organizing.

The Praxis Corporation was established as a progressive research institute to spark political discussion about a range of social issues such as poverty, citizen participation, and democracy in the workplace. Over 200 anti-poverty organizations sprang up by the end of the decade.

But by 1970 Praxis's office was burglarized and set on fire, with its stolen records ending up in the hands of the RCMP Security Service.

This book looks at how these organizations tried to influence policy and social programs in this area and what happened when their activism ran up against jittery national security concerns in Ottawa.

Paul Weinberg's work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Hamilton Spectator, and Now Magazine.

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