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Photo of Main and Longwood area near Chedoke Creek valley area

Raise the Hammer, December 04, 2020:
" Conservation Conundrum:"

Will we lose Hamilton's Conservation Authority at a time when we need it the most to get through this climate crisis?



cover of the Sept/Oct issue of The Monitor

The Monitor (Sept. 2020 - Oct. 2020):
" Prioritizing poverty across two generations of Trudeaus:"

When Poverty Mattered, Then and Now review by Matthew Behrens, The Monitor, Sept/Oct 2020, pages 36-37.



photo of Chedoke Creek 2018

Raise the Hammer, Sept 2, 2020:
" After the Spill:"

Following a Council decision not to disclose two leaks of sewage and stormwater totalling 24 billion litres over four years, local civic leaders, stewardship agencies and the Ministry of Environment are working to come to terms with the aftermath



citybeautiful-small (38K)

Canada's History magazine (Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018):
" The City Beautiful Movement:"

The squalor of 19th-century cities prompted planners to come up with a novel solution - green space - in Montreal, Vancouver and Hamilton



kiribata-small (57K)

Raise the Hammer website (July 24, 2017):
" After the Flood:"

Uncertain Future for Global Climate Refugees



Uzi-silhouette-small (26K)

CPA Monitor (July/August, 2016):
" Out of Control"

The Harper government set gun control back a decade. Will the Liberals put Canada back on track?



nations-small (37K)

Raise the Hammer website (March 08, 2016):
" New Food Desert Opening in East Hamilton"

Loblaws makes a short-sighted move at a time when the housing market heats up in the eastern portion of Hamilton's lower city.



greenbelt_sign2 (53K)

Raise the Hammer website (January 25, 2016):
" City, Conservation Authority at Cross-Purposes on Greenbelt Protection"

What I just visited is land being targeted for removal by the city from the province's freeze on development in Greenbelt areas.



USsteel-1 (46K)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (January 1, 2016):
" Is this the end or rebirth for Stelco's remaining steelworkers?"

Things went sour for the steelworkers shortly after the takeover by US Steel in 2007.



trudeau1 (41K)

LobeLog(October 23, 2015):
" Trudeau's Victory: Whither Canada?"

We beat fear with hope



Barbados_tax_havens-small (15K)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (July 1, 2015):
" The Big Heist"

Canada's Tax Havens of Choice



spyimage1 (26K)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (March 1, 2015):
" The Praxis Affair"

There is a reason we put limits on spying within Canada



Kenstone (17K)

Rabble (February 25, 2015):
" What is it like to be targeted by Canada's spy agency?"

Veteran anti-war and environmental activist Ken Stone knows firsthand and is willing to talk about it



mm_small (46K)

Now Magazine (Oct. 20, 2014):
" In Steeltown, a familiar refrain on light rail transit"

And some locals are blaming recent Toronto transplants for pushing ideological, anti-car solutions on working-class Hamilton


sayedk-small (28K)

Outlook Magazine (January - February 2015):
" The Israeli TV situation comedy Arab Labor touches political nerves"

Creator Sayed Kashua takes a sabbatical in the U.S.


Photo of a woman farmer by Busani Bafana/IPS

Inter Press Service (May 8 2014):
" Industrial Agriculture: Too Big to Succeed"

An estimated one billion small farmers scratching out a living growing diverse crops and raising animals in developing countries represent the key to maintaining food production in the face of hotter temperatures and drought


a photo of Sir John A. Macdonald

Inter Press Service(Jan. 16, 2014):
"The Legacy of Canada's First PM Much Darker to First Nations"

Many of the challenges faced by the Conservative government in its relations with Canada's aboriginal peoples may come to a head at the 200th birthday events for Sir John A. Macdonald, the country's first prime minister, set for Jan. 11, 2015.



cover of the 2014 edition of Peace Magazine

Peace Magazine(Jan.- March 2014):
" Snooping in the Cold War"

Canadian police services kept dossiers on a number of Canadian anti-war activists, suspected Reds, and US draft resisters. Paul Weinberg looks at the evidence that some of this information was shared with US authorities



Logo for the J-Source magazine (March 6, 2013): "The Last Post Files:
Fighting subversion or protecting the government from embarrassment?"

The Last Post was one of the best alternative publications of the 1970s. While the small team of journalists was creating solid investigative journalism, the RCMP Security Service was keeping a close watch. One of its aims? Protect the government from embarrassment.


CoastGuardBrding-small (30K)

Straight Goods News (November 11, 2012):
"Canada joins the war on drugs"

Canada's Coast Guard ships carry US Coast Guard drug hunters.



Now Magazine

Now (August 23-30, 2012):
"Syria - No easy angle on this war"

When it comes to the Free Syrian Army, Toronto's Syrian activists discover they're on different pages

photo of Chris Hedges

Now (July 12-19, 2012):
Interview with the social movement's guru Chris Hedges

Former foreign correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges wows rapt listeners at U of T's Innis Town Hall with his views on the world, politics and the next Occupy.

bank (38K)

Now (May 10, 2012):
"Bank of Toronto?"

City could ease cash crisis if it put revenues in a bank of its own.



Now Magazine

Now (April 5-12, 2012):
"Credit rating rip-off"

Investors don't base decisions on the opinions of rating agencies.